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Al Moudira is the original vision of founder Zeina Aboukheir, who visited Luxor on a felucca several decades ago and fell in love with its timeless, transcendent charm. Here, she was inspired to create a paradise in the desert and, with the help of renowned Egyptian architect Olivier Sedanoui, she constructed a property on two hectares – part palace, part guesthouse.
This haven of tranquillity is a destination that is both intimate and sophisticated. The hotel has been working with the same team of artisans for many years and members of the wonderful staff come from the surrounding community. Zeina’s exquisite taste is apparent everywhere, from the furniture made by local artisans or sourced during her travels, to the hand-painted frescoes on the walls. 
When Al Moudira opened in 2001, its charm won the hearts of all those who stayed there; it also earned Zeina the affectionate nickname “Moudira”, the lady boss! Her inspiration and energy are evident in the devotion of her loyal team and in the relaxed and seemingly effortless manner of hosting her guests. Menus are created from local, seasonal ingredients, either grown in our farm. Guests can dine in the beautiful Ottoman Room, in the main courtyard, or at the secluded poolside in one of our newly renovated pavilions. Private dinners can be served in our guests’ residences, or in the numerous courtyards, terraces and rooftops.
Recently, privately-owned Al Moudira became the first hotel in Egypt to become a member of the renowned Relais & Chateaux group, whose values of preserving local traditions, biodiversity and culinary skills through hospitality perfectly align with ours. In a world that is increasingly hectic and fast-paced, Al Moudira continues to be a refuge where time slows down - reflecting, perhaps, the gentle flow of the Nile.

We wish you a relaxed and pleasant stay.
Zeina Aboukheir & the Moudira Family


The hotel’s distinctive architecture, beautiful domes and arches are some of the best works of the London-trained Egyptian architect Olivier Sednaoui, who has since built private houses and exclusive hotels across Egypt. Sednaoui used a team of local master masons to realise a design that combines Middle Eastern architecture and tradition with sustainable building techniques. While Olivier Sednaoui was involved in the original architecture of the hotel, his architectural brilliance was supplemented by Tobias Bucher, a leading Swiss landscape architect based in Florence, who played a key role in the landscape elements of the expansion. He also designed the library tower, some of the pools, and the concept for one of the villas. All this was achieved with the invaluable help of Egyptian architect Dina Abou Alia and in close cooperation with Mme. Zeina.


Zeina travelled around the Middle East seeking exceptional antiques and artworks to enhance Al Moudira’s charm, to ensure that it would evoke the glamorous past of Alexandria, Cairo, Beirut, and Damascus. Mme. Zeina’s ability to collect handcrafted wooden doors, locally sourced terracotta, painted glass from Alexandria and hand-painted floor tiles from around Egypt and across the region, are the foundation of the hotel and are at the heart of what makes Al Moudira unique. She worked closely with the new owner in collecting more than 1500 unique pieces of antiques and handcrafted items for the renovation and expansion of the hotel.

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